Welsh Loans & Grants

Powys Zero Interest Loans

are available for homeowners in Powys for a wide range of installations, including renewable energy installations and energy efficiency measures. Up to £5000 is available with the loan to be repaid over 5 years.

You can find out more about ZILF from the Robert Owen Community Bank at www.rocbf.co.uk. Or ring 0845 313 8458.  You would need to join your local credit union to qualify for the grant.


Nest is available to Welsh householders who are in receipt of means tested benefits and privately own or are privately renting a domestic property. In addition the property must have an energy efficiency rating of F or G which would indicate that the home offers poor energy efficiency.  The benefit conditions are slightly wider than for ECO.

Homes are assessed individually to determine which energy efficiency measures are needed and will be most effective. These could include measures such as insulation, draught proofing and boiler replacement. The energy saving measures will be implemented by British Gas. •For more information on the Nest scheme see www.nestwales.org.uk  or ring 0808 808 2244