The Green Deal

The Green Deal started in Jan 2013. This will enable home owners, including landlords, to borrow money for energy improvements with the loan repayments made through the property’s energy bills.  The extra payments should be less than the savings made through the measures undertaken. This will be of particular interest to landlords who are reluctant to invest their own capital in energy measures and to anyone with solid walls.  Renewable energy schemes can be eligible for the Green Deal and the Feed In Tariffs or Renewable Heat Incentive (see below).

See landlords section for more detail on the green deal and rented properties



At the same time all current energy efficiency schemes will stop but there will be a new grant scheme called ECO.  Part of ECO will grant fund insulation and heating measures for those on benefits, another part will assist anyone interested in solid wall insulation (and hard to treat cavity insulation) and  a third part will be available to those in poorer areas (inc small rural towns).


or contact your energy supplier, eg

HES can arrange for a local independent registered Green Deal Adviser to undertake a survey of your property, ring 01588 630683 for details.

Or for advice on either scheme ring the national Energy Advice Line on 0300 123 1234.