Solar Thermal Hot Water

PV plus immersion can be a better option.

This is a highly effective form of renewable energy and can provide up to 70% of your hot water needs.  However it is important to assess whether you use enough hot water to make it worthwhile.

It is generally worthwhile if you have at least 3 people in the household, so it is likely to be worth installing in your property.

Generally it is only worthwhile if there are at least 3 people in the household, unless the hot water use is particularly high. As you have a household of less than 3 people, the payback period is likely to be quite long.

You will need a non shaded, south facing roof and room to fit piping and possibly a new hot water tank.  There are a variety of systems available including some that work with combination boilers (those without a hot water tank) but you will need space to fit a tank.


The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is a government subsidy for installation of renewable heat producing technologies, including solar thermal systems.   Final details of this scheme for homes are due in the summer of 2013.  Tariff payment levels (not yet confirmed but around 7.6p/kWh) should begin from October 2013.  This could be worth £2,000 per year but installation costs will be considerably higher for eligible boilers than for conventional gas, lpg or oil types.

Before the RHI begins up to 25,000 early adopters could also qualify for an ‘RHI Premium Payment’.

Renewable Heat Incentive payments may depend on carrying out other ‘Green Deal fundable’ measures to the property. Please contact our Energy   Officers for further details of this scheme.

Before the implementation of the RHI, if your electricity supplier is Good Energy they will provide a subsidy for your solar hot water production under their ‘Hot ROCS’ scheme, at the rate of 4.5p per kWh of heat deemed to have been generated.

Local MCS accredited installlers include:-
(NB: this information was accurate up to October 2018.  Feedback information welcome)

Richard Hill   (Wentnor)  01588 650657

BB Solar (Newtown)  01686 625613

Salop Energy (Shrewsbury)  01743 236266

LLani Solar   (LLanidloes)  01686 412552

Southern Solar   (Kington)  0845 373 2750 or   01273 479647

Greenearth Energy   (Pontrilas)  01981 241 399