Renewable Energy

In addition to energy efficiency measures there are a number of renewable energy sources you could employ to reduce your carbon emissions and fuel bills. The most relevant for your situation is are solar hot water and solar electricity, and wind power and hydro power. Installation of renewable energy equipment in the home can attract public funding, earn ongoing revenue and add to the value of a property.

Planning permission may be required but planning authorities have a duty to “promote and encourage the development of renewable energy resources” (through PPS 22).  If your house is listed or in a conservation area, it is still worth enquiring, as regulations are gradually being relaxed.  In general, renewable energy installations are not permitted at present if they are visible from the public highway.

Part funding for PV, wind and solar thermal can be obtained through the Green Deal, solar hot water and wind turbines can also be supplied through ECO to those in receipt of benefits (but not PV), In Powys interest free loans for renewable systems are also available.  see earlier section on funding schemes

To access the Feed In Tariffs you will need to have an EPC produced showing a rating of 55 or better (but this can include an allowance for the renewable energy system itself).

More details on all renewable energy sources can be found at and