Radiator Panels

Radiator panels are made of foil or reflective plastic and fit behind radiators on external walls. They can be very effective at saving fuel especially on solid un-insulated walls. Although the saving on insulated walls is less, they are still worthwhile to install.

Ifs you have some radiators without panels we recommend that you fit them. No funding is available for this through the Green Deal or ECO but it is a relatively cheap measure to install.

A shelf above the radiator can also help by deflecting heat into the room. Drawn curtains can also help to reduce heat loss through windows but must be tucked behind a radiator, or fitted to rest on a shelf above the radiator, not left to hang in front.

One cheap option is to fix aluminium foil to the wall with the polished side facing towards the radiator, using double sided adhesive tabs or Blu Tack along the top and bottom edges, although this may dry-out after a while. Alternatively you can buy radiator panels which can normally be fitted by DIY.

Panels are available from:-

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Independent tests of reflective panels by BRE produced energy saving results that varied from 94.9 kWh/m2/year for solid un-insulated walls, through to 19 kWh/m2/year for an insulated cavity wall. www.radflek.com/downloads/Radflek_FinalReport.pdf