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Solar photovoltaic (PV)

PV panels produce electricity which can be used directly or fed into the grid.  As a considerable amount of electricity is likely to be produced whilst your household demand is low a grid connection will be required, which is done via an inverter.  A non shaded roof or ground based frame is required, preferably south, south east or south west facing.  Solar PV can produce more electricity than a household consumes, is easy to install, will work even on cloudy days (daylight, not sunshine, is enough to generate power), and is very reliable but is a long-term investment.

PV panels are eligible for the Feed-in Tariff (FIT) at a current rate of 15.4p for every kWh generated  providing the system is under 4 kilowatt peak output (4kWp). This is tax-exempt for householders and inflation-proofed for 20 years,  An additional payment of 4p/kWh is paid for every unit deemed to have been exported to the grid, normally assumed to be 50% of the output.  Also about 25% of the electricity generated is typically used by the household directly.  Thus in total every kWh generated can be worth over 20p.  Whilst this is less than was previously available this can still give a good return on the investment as installation costs have dropped considerably.

On a south facing roof you would expect to generate at least 800kWh a year per kWp.

To qualify for the FiT tariff you must choose an installer who is registered with the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS).


MCS accredited installers include:

Go Green Systems  01743 367221  


Llani Solar (Llanidloes)  01686 412552  


Southern Solar (Kington)  0845 373 2750  


Greenearth Energy (Pontrilas)  01981 241 399  


Caplor Energy  01432 860   644  


Richard Hill (Wentnor)  01588 650657  


Eco Solar Potential  01743718003  


Free Solar PV Panels –‘Rent-a-Roof’

There are companies which will supply free solar PV panels subject to a number of conditions.  To take part you would need a roof facing south, or very close to south, with no shading from nearby buildings, trees etc. They will allow you the benefit of free electricity for your own use but you will need to assign the FITs to them. You would need to obtain approval from any other owners and part owners of the building, including mortgage and equity release companies.  Details are available from our Energy Officers.

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