Green Electricity

Transferring to a 100% green electricity tariff can help to reduce your carbon dioxide emissions but should be done in conjunction with other energy saving measures.

It usually requires you to have a standard credit meter, so if you have a prepayment meter this should be replaced if possible with a standard credit meter. The cost of this is normally in the region of £40-£50 (depending on your supplier) and the significant savings from meter replacement are well worth this investment.

Green tariffs are normally only available to households with a credit meter.  As you have a pre-payments meter, whether or not you decide to switch to a green tariff, you will reduce your electricity costs significantly by investing the £40-£50 needed to have a credit meter installed.

Although 100% renewable electricity (from solar, wind, waste, tidal and hydro) can cost more than ‘brown’ electricity (from coal, gas etc), if you implement our other recommendations, you should still end up with lower bills overall. You will also have the benefit of knowing that you are supporting greater production of renewable energy and eliminating part of your carbon footprint.

If you are not on a green tariff at the moment we suggest that you switch to a 100% renewable electricity tariff from an independent electricity supplier.

Good Energy and others supply electricity which is only sourced from renewable sources such as wind, solar or hydro it is the electricity supplier we recommend first. They do not require payment by Direct Debit, and they regularly come out best in reviews by organisations such as Friends of the Earth, National Consumer Council and Ethical Consumer. We have cards available for switching to Good Energy or you can follow the link through our website.  Please quote ‘GE390 Lightfoot Enterprises’ if you transfer to Good Energy.

The other green electricity suppliers have differing proportions of renewable energy and therefore higher emissions. (see table below).

We do not recommend you choose a renewable tariff from one of the ‘big six’ energy companies because they simply use more renewable customers to help meet their government targets; they will not actually produce more renewable electricity if you switch to them.

We also do not recommend any of the ‘midway’ part green/part brown tariffs offered by most of the independent energy companies (other than Good Energy).

The only green tariffs we are happy to recommend are as follows:-

Good Energy
01249   766090
Average CO2: 0.000kg per kWh

Green   Energy (Deep Green tariff)
0845 456   9550
Average CO2: 0.112kg per kWh

LoCO2   Energy (Pocket Plus tariff)
0845 074   3601
Average CO2: 0.177kg per kWh

Ecotricity   (New Energy Plus tariff)
08000   326100
Average Co2: 0.232kg per kWh

If you do not at the moment wish to switch to a green tariff, you should instead make sure that you are on the cheapest of the standard tariffs. It pays to shop around for the cheapest tariff as the electricity suppliers are constantly changing their cheapest tariff.

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