List of woodstore suppliers

We have collected a few options locally and available on the web. Any other woodstore manufacturers or suppliers that you may know about please contact us at

All wood should dried to at least a moisture content of 25% or preferably less before burning. To get the best results firewood should be seasoned through a range of measures including appropriate wood storage. All hardwoods usually take 2 years before they are ready to burn, softwoods approximately a year. Please see further guidance on this on the Seasoning Firewood page

Company Details Telephone
Edistone LlanfyllinUnique product combining delivery with an interchangeable woodstore


Robeys Good quality & attractive range of stores


Clearview Bishops Castle – Clearview Stoves will order from Robeys at no extra cost


 Woof! A large range of associated products for woodstoves


Bishops Castle Building Supplies Various sizes available – from £180- 250


P&L landscaping Also available to order through Coed Y Dinas, Charlies – Affordable prices

01743792663 or 07967935588

Rob Rowe Woodsheds built to your requirements in the Welsh Marches


Also if you don’t feel like spending too much money and/or wish to build your own please see these links below which may help:

  • How to build a woodstore from pallets from Woodfuel Scotland guide

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Log store owl.jpg

Large Log Store.jpg

Moisture meters

Moisture meters can be used in various ways for woodstove use. They are often used for those people who are cutting and seasoning their own wood. But more importantly they can be used to check the quality of wood bought from suppliers and make judgements on when firewood is ready for burning.

Most moisture meters have instructions included and these should be followed. The basic process of finding out the moisture content of logs is as follows:-

How to test the moisture content of your wood supply

  1. Take a random selection of around 3-4 logs per cubic metre (m3).
  2. Split each log down the middle
  3. In the centre of log push pins of meter – three measurements are taken on the freshly split surface: 5cm in from each end of the log and in the middle of the split surface with sufficient contact (see figure).
  4. Do this to all the logs and take an average of the readings (this will be only an approximate indication but a good guide).

Download Using Moisture Meters guide

Remember: Seasoned firewood should have a moisture content of 25% or less. Ideally try to get wood lower than this. If you can store firewood to 15% this would be an ‘ideal world’ scenario. Bringing wood in to the home a week or two prior to burning will also help.

There are various meters available and at alarmingly different prices. However, for small domestic use it is advisable not spend more than £40.

Most of our list of Stove Suppliers will be able to sell you a moisture meter. Just contact them and they may well send one out to you for a small cost. Also HETAS sell reasonably priced moisture meters through their technical advice page.