Optimising your Electricity Tariff

The ‘big six’ electricity and gas companies are subject to regulations requiring them to make low-cost tariffs available to people whose fuel bills form a high proportion of their income, eg British Gas give a £120 winter discount to those deemed to be ‘most vulnerable’.

These companies don’t actively promote these ‘social tariffs’, but you may qualify for them.  We suggest you contact your supplier and ask for details of their ‘warm homes discount scheme’ or social tariff.  Each company sets different rules about who qualifies, so if you do not qualify with your current supplier it may be worth looking elsewhere.  These tariffs are available regardless of the type of meter you currently have.

In case you do not qualify for any of the above tariffs, you could also consider ‘Ebico’ a non-profit energy supplier who have no standing charges and do not charge extra for a pre payment meter.  www.ebico.org.uk or 0800 458 7689

Optimisng Your Gas Tariff

We recommend that you check about once a year whether you could be better off switching your supplier. This will not reduce your carbon footprint, but could save you money.

There are several cost comparison websites that can help you to find the best tariff, and these will guide you through the process of switching.

Two websites that can do this for you are  www.energyhelpline.com and www.simplyswitch.com.

We recommend that you check with a cost comparison website to ensure you are on the cheapest tariff.