Introduction to Woodland Management 12th, 19th and 26th of January 2019
Knighton Tree Allotments Trust is offering this training course to those who would like to know more about the management of small woodlands and sustainable woodland products such as firewood. For more information or to download a booking form please see our website, email or telephone 01547 520374.

Exciting times in Newtown 
(from Mike Membery)

Open Newtown  is taking on the riverside parks which are being transferred from Powys County Council and green spaces from the Welsh Government. Inspired by the community, incentivised by the Town Council and brought to fruition by Cwm Harry Land Trust the new social enterprise has secured around £1.6 million (from Big Lottery, Town Council etc.) which it is investing in partnerships.  Cultivate Coop will be leading on developing local food opportunities. A new Activities partnership is being brought together to open up the river for canoeing, support the development of cycling etc. Renewable energy opportunities are being taken forward in tandem with Sharenergy Coop, and a new £1.5 million foot and cycling bridge is to go in which will give momentum to development of a sustainable travel plan for the town.
Phoenix Furniture, Cae Post and Cwm Harry are involved in  Circular Economy Newtown. They are investing in workshops that take unwanted materials and turn them in to new items, teaching new skills and creating new opportunities along the way. Workshops are already planned for bikes (with Bike to the Future CIC), wood (with Phoenix), plastics (with Cae Post) and turning food waste in to new food (with Cultivate Coop).
There is also a major investments in a brand new Household Waste recycling Centre and brand new Waste Transfer Station. All these pieces of the jigsaw will go a long way to sustaining Powys as the leader in Wales when it comes to reuse and repair.