Church Stretton Open Homes

Cornihaugh, Shrewsbury Road All Stretton SY6 6HE

From Church Stretton. Go past All Stretton Sign. See large red brick wall LHS. Then half a dozen steps in the hedge LHS. Park in the road or continue to first drive on left between two brick pillars. From Shrewsbury go through All Stretton to the top of small rise the enter drive between two brick pillars and turn sharp left or park in roads near steps. Penwardine and this home are within walking distance approximately 3 mins walk

Energy Efficiency Measures
Solar PV, Insulation and Double Glazing

Semi detached brick built around 1890 Originally a coach house converted to residential dwelling maybe in the1950s
Running costs:
Electric Approximately £ 400 PA
Gas Approximately £900 PA
There were no costs to install the solar panels. Effectively the company rented the space from us. We make first use of any electricity generated. They take everything we don’t use. A win/win situation for us.

Penwardine, Church Stretton

Penwardine, Shrewsbury Rd, All Stretton, Church Stretton Shrop SY6 6HE

Directions from Green Hub
Turn right out of URC hall car park. Stay on road travelling north. Pass Princes Spring Water bottling plant on left. Look out for red brick wall on left. Approx 200 yards watch out for Green Homes sign on outskirts of All Stretton village. Please park on main road and walk up to house using steps at gap in hedge .Green Homes sign will be erected on grass verge opposite house to assist location. Cornihaugh and this home are within 3 mins walking distance of each other

Energy Efficiency Measures
Solar PV, Solar Hot Water, Insulation, Double Glazing, Log Burner, Low energy bulbs, A rated condensing boiler,

Bungalow, 1952 Brick under tiled roof. EPC 79 “C” – just two points below “B”
Annual energy use 2014 / 5
Gas 16268 kW
Electricity 6829 kW (this includes charging for 7000 miles in electric car.)
(electricity supply is 68% from renewable sources)
P.V. Generation 1817kW Export 1045 (income £426.00)
Solar Hot Water RHI £65.85 per quarter
Water 48 cubic meters – £ 120.00 p.a. Bio mass £100 logs CO2 emissions 5.56 tonnes
Loft insulation 10” where possible, 4” vermiculite above all ceilings, draft proofing loft eves doors, TRV’s on radiators, foil panels behind all radiators
Cavity wall insulation,4” insulated ceiling below flat roof, insulated studwork in loft room
Replacement double glazing and external doors throughout
CFC and LED lighting throughout, A rated white goods, solar powered radio. Nothing left on standby Condensing A rated boiler with wireless air thermostat
5kW Clearview log burnersolar hot water 5kW log burner
14 P.V. panels – east facing,
Duel flush toilet + simple rainwater flush ( bucket) 6 water butts + 4000 litre underground rainwater storage Many changes to low carbon life style, no air travel, electric car, grow own vegetables etc. Full list available to visitors
Decided to make improvements to reduce carbon emissions. Insulation has made house warmer in winter / cooler in summer. Energy bills reduced. Over say a 10 year period, costs reasonable. No unexpected costs and relatively little disruption other than replacing ceilings below flat roof. Remaining improvement will be to replace chest freezer which is old.

Lancanock Park, Church Stretton

Lavanock Park, All Stretton, Church Stretton,Shrop,SY6 6HF

From URC Hall turn right follow road straight on to All Stretton. Into the village, pass Starr Lane and Farm Lane on your right, then look out for white gates at break in stone wall on the LHS. Drive through white gates. House is at the end of the drive.

Energy Efficiency Measures
Insulation, Double Glazed, Low energy Bulbs Solar PV

Standard brick and tile construction (1970s)
Solar PV makes a difference, try to make sure to do jobs requiring energy during the day. Savings on gas in the region of £50, and for electric in the region of £185 with the possibility of improving on this as they get better at using the controls.
Insulated, under tiles, std loft insulation and boarded. Have draught proofed
Double glazed
LED in kitchen and low energy

Tettenhall, Church Stretton

Tettenhall, Farm Lane, All Stretton, Church Stretton, Shrop, SY6 6HN

From The Church Hall turn right and follow the road straight on out of town to All Stretton. Farm Lane is on RHS single track before Stretton Hall and the pub. Follow lane until you go straight bridge. There is a parking space immediately on RHS Tettenhall is house behind the hedge. Suggest you go straight on to A49 and back round to visit other homes to avoid oncoming traffic.  Limited parking in Farm Lane.  We have a friendly dog.

Energy Efficiency Measures
Solar Hot Water, Double Glazing

Period house with modern extension
The loft has been insulated and a new extension has been insulated to probably twice as much as the regulations require.
The bay windows have been renovated to improve energy efficiency and double glazed units have been inserted.
There are solar hot water panels, that are flush with the roof rather than mounted on top (installed on new extension by E.S.P. Shrewsbury).
Next project is to insulate underneath floors of hall, living room and dining room. Unexpected behaviour change, household has become much more disciplined about using gas boiler, and think about whether they actually need to do so.
Homeowners are aiming to be more resilient against energy costs in the future.

The Maltings, Church Stretton

The Maltings, Little Stretton Church Stretton Shrop SY6 6AP

To find our house (The Maltings, Little Stretton) from the URC Church Hall, travel to Little Stretton and go through the village until you come to the Green Dragon on the right. We are diagonally opposite the pub, on the corner of Crown Lane.

Energy Efficiency Measures
Insulation, Double glazing (“Heritage” range for AONB), Low energy bulbs,A+ rated fridges/freezer, Solar Hot water, 7 PV Panels

1960’s semi-detached house in Conservation Area, joined on to a 15th century half-timbered house
Oil central heating: 1100 litres per annum on average. Cost of oil substantially reduced by solar hot water system.
Electricity consumption reduced between one third and one half by solar PV (installed by Gwres Glas)
The installation of the solar PV and water systems was remarkably trouble-free and tidy. We will recoup the cost in 9 years.
Loft insulation already in place in 1990s.
Cavity wall insulation and new “conservation range” double glazing installed in 2006
Solar hot water system installed in 2007 (by Smart Energy).
Seven solar PV panels (= 1.61 kw) installed in 2010 (by Gwres Glas of Llanfair Caereinion)
Old fridges and freezers replaced 2011 with ‘A’ or ‘A+’ rated ones, saving 2kwh per day.

The Local Authority gave immediate consent for these improvements, following the sending in of a very simple form, and a Planning Application was not required.

Energy Usage The main heating fuel is oil, as there is no gas in the village.
Annual oil consumption: 1100 – 1200 litres (reduced from 1500-1800 before solar hot water system. Money saved = £150 to £250 per annum at current prices). Cooking is by electricity.
2014 – 2094 kwh

Edge View, Church Stretton

Edge View, Edge View Soudley Church Stretton Shrop SY6 7HF

Directions Follow the signs – satnav stops a bit short so carry on up the road. Ample parking
Two dogs, friendly but noisy.

Energy Efficiency Measures
Solar PV, Insulation Low energy bulbs, Double glazing, Solar hot water, solar PV, Water management,
Polytunnel, Greenhouse, small forest garden, Electric car

1960s bungalow with 5 bedrooms built on top in 1989.
EPC – D but now C having put in underfloor insulation.THEN..
Water was heated by oil Rayburn cooker + immersion heater. Heating: open fire in lounge and storage heaters
Energy consumption: Electricity – 25,300kwh pa (storage heaters 17,400pa, all other electricity 7,900)
Oil – 2,400 litres pa just to heat the kitchen and provide hot water
Electricity about 3,400kwh pa including charging electric car (c1800kWh without car). Green tariff (of course)
Oil Central heating (cost about £6,000 to install) uses about 1500 litres pa

Most changes were partly down to concern about the costs of running the home and an abhorrence of waste. However they have also made living here much more comfortable. It’s better to have low heat in and low heat loss than high heat in and high heat loss. The electric car saves c£1,000 pa in diesel – a bit less as price of diesel has come down (I understand…) and there is no road tax and low insurance. But it’s still a very expensive car! (we bought it to encourage the EV industry). PV panels will pay for themselves in 8-9 years and give a good return on the investment; (this will sadly no longer be the case for those installing PV from next year). Unexpected benefits of PV – the panels shade the roof so in summer the loft remains cool.

Womerton Farm, Church Stretton

Womerton Farm, All Stretton Church Stretton Shrop SY6 6LJ

Directions Womerton is Ok to find with SAT NAV using the postcode SY6 6LJ. From Church Stretton the best route for non locals is to take the A49 North towards Shrewsbury and go past the Heatherbrae Craft Centre and take the next left turn just before Leebotwood signed for Lower Wood continue under the Railway Bridge and uphill over the crossroad and onto the hill over a cattle grid. We are the first property on the right after the cattle grid.

We have 2 small dogs

Energy Efficiency Measures
Insulation Triple glazing, Low energy bulbs, Heat recovery ventilation, Wood Stove, Solar PV, Rainwater and grey water harvesting in the summer trying to be sufficient for veg and fruit

Womerton Farm is a new build with:
loft and wall insulation at higher than building regulation standards
Triple glazing and good internal doors.
LED and low energy lighting throughout house (4 pendant display lights in living room are not low energy but rarely used)
Heat recovery ventilation throughout and under floor heating downstairs heated by Esse wood burning cooker. Large thermal heat store run by Esse topped up by solar in the summer and as yet no heating upstairs except an electric heated towel rail in bathroom
wood burning Esse for heating and cooking
solar PV
rainwater and grey water harvesting in the summer although a basic plastic homemade system at the moment in need of finishing off
They have always had a large veg and fruit patch and freeze, bottle, jam or dry surplus for winter use. They are planning a new garden by house. As their kids have grown up and needs are therefore reduced, they now share half the current veg patch with another family

23 Oaks Road, Church Stretton

23 Oaks Road, Church Stretton SY6 7AX

Satnav gets you to the house.
From URC Hall turn right follow road back into town, straight over mini roundabout, then onto crossroads. Turn right down Sandford Avenue, straight over crossroads at traffic lights onto B4371 to Much Wenlock. Turn first left down Watling Street North (single lane road). Continue on road and soon after sharp right bend, take second left turn into Oaks Road. Continue up the road and at the top of the hill, our house is on the left with blue double garage doors. It can’t be missed: solar panels stand out on the roof!

Energy Efficiency Measures
Cavity Wall Insulation
Double Glazed Windows
Low Energy Bulbs
Solar Hot Water
Log Burner
Solar PV

Standard brick and tile construction house built in 1970. We have lived here for nearly 18 years and in that time have replaced all the windows with double glazed windows, further insulated the roof space and installed a log burner in the living room.

In 2011 we had the cavity walls insulated, installed Solar PV panels (by Salop Energy) and Solar hot water (new condenser boiler by British Gas and thermal panel by a contractor of Worcester Bosch).

The savings on hot water are difficult to quantify, but in the summer months we don’t need to heat the water at all. We receive more in payments through the FIT (feed in tariff) scheme from our PV panels than our electricity and gas bills combined. When Salop installed the PV panels, we were told that the pay back time would be around 7 years.

The only noticeable changes we have made is to use appliances such as the dishwasher and washing machine when we are generating electricity i.e. when the sun shines!