Welcome to Lightfoot’s website

Lightfoot helps people to make changes in the way energy is used, staying warm and saving money.  We provide good, reliable and impartial energy efficiency information & encouragement to help reduce rising fuel poverty and carbon emissions. 

Woodlands and their uses are important for fuel, ecological diversity and for recreation. We work with schools, volunteers and woodland owners to help make our natural woodlands sustainable and a resource for our happiness and health.

Lightfoot works with volunteers from across SW Shropshire and adjoining parts of Powys and Herefordshire.  Roles range from energy surveyors to board members.

Here’s some of the things we’ve been involved with:-

  • The Household Energy Survey (HES) has been used for over 2,000 homes, businesses and community buildings enabling them to reduce energy use and save money. This is followed up with re-surveys 2 years later to encourage and assess progress.   These offer independent, impartial and expert Household Energy Surveys. With these we provide invaluable advice and information, helping you to prioritise actions and get the best results for your home and your budget. Only £60!  More details to follow . . .
  • All About Trees takes secondary school children into local natural woodlands so that they can experience the forest environment, seeing and finding what lives there as well as how it is maintained sustainably.  To find out more click here
  • The Woodstoves project was run to help people to understand how to improve wood seasoning and get the best from their stoves.  Lots of detailed information on this project can be found here
  • Lightfoot has been involved with Open Eco-homes events in towns within the Welsh borders featuring new builds as well as retrofitted homes
  • A pilot project on Energy Diaries in schools in the Welsh borders was aimed at increasing and inspiring children’s awareness of energy efficiency
  • We’ve also run Energy Efficiency quiz evenings at local WIs and other venues, and worked with local energy groups in the Welsh borders (e.g Cwm Harry Land Trust in Newtown, KLEEN in Kington) running stalls to raise energy awarenessert), give advice and gather insight into fuel poverty, while promoting Repair Cafes.